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A message from the Student Government Association Executive Board,

We the People of the Student Government Association are upset and disgruntled. Throughout our history textbooks, we have educated ourselves on civil rights, the struggles, and turmoil our country has endeavored. We the students make up not only our Student Government Association, but our surrounding community face an issue so long to be terminated. We must stand and provide support to those oppressed, and stand united against the injustice that has been institutionalized deep in American society. As we grieve over our fallen brothers and sisters in the hope of equality and justice, we stand and sympathize with the African American community who have felt this longing oppression and disrespect. Everyone is dealing with this issue in different ways and as a community we need to come together and shed light on the darkest side of our history and the historical events happening today. To anyone participating in Black Lives Matter protests and or providing support via social media, please be safe and support each other with the utmost respect and fairness that we all deserve. We must stand together as one united community, and as one united country to eliminate this unforgotten and most despicable hatred towards each other. Not only does Post University offer support through our student campus services but if you ever need to reach out, the student leaders are here for you.


Justin Merkovsky, Student Government Association President

Kathleen Takita, Student Government Association Vice-President


A message from Post University’s Black Student Union,

As members of the Black Student Union, we are mortified over the wrongful deaths of so many of our brothers and sisters. We can’t sit around and wait for more black lives to be taken by the hands of racism and systematic oppression. This country was built against us from the very beginning and change is long overdue. Our color is what we are every second of the day. Every day of every month. Every month of every year. We cannot change our race nor should we have to in order to be valued and respected.

There are several ways to stand with us in our fight for justice and equality. Please attend the local protests in your area, donate and sign the petitions! Get involved, get engaged, get active.

Lastly – being a BSU at a PWI [Predominately White Institution], we want to say you don’t have to be black to be outraged. All lives can’t matter until BLACK LIVES MATTER.


Blair Sprosta, President

Shavonn Taylor-Franklin, Vice President


An uplifting message from the Online Student Government Association President, Jerrod Pass.



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DON’T LET SOMEONE ELSES DOWNFALL RUIN YOUR UPRISING! I have failed so many times in life but I can definitely understand why/how. I use to attach myself to other people lives so much that I didn’t know where mine was. And I don’t mean as a friend, colleague or because you’re nice; I’m saying I didn’t have a dream so I was biting off of everyone elses. Then when I found my dream, I was so invested in other peoples dreams I doubted my own! So much that if they failed, I was lost. Don’t let someone elses downfall ruin your uprising! . . . #royal #humble #forex #paperrouteempire #fashion #fitness #blackexcellence #blacklivesmatter #trading #investing #northcarolina #georgia #covid19 #blessed #student #family #jcole #kendricklamar #steveharvey #lesbrown #ericthomas #success

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