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Joan Huwiler
Director of Communications

What Inspired You to Enter the Communications Field?

What inspired me to enter the communications field was a class that I took as a freshman in college. It was an intro to communications.

From that first course to the subsequent internships with the Connecticut General Assembly to a local Board of Education, I fell in love with writing, working with journalists and telling stories.

I went to graduate school to study journalism because I wanted to think more like a reporter. What I enjoy is finding stories in the ordinary and moving people to take action with them. Translating complicated information into ‘plain language’ for people. Stories – when done well – can move people and build trust.

I grew up in a family of educators. Both my parents were schoolteachers. My aunt and uncle taught in elementary and secondary schools in Bridgeport and New Canaan, CT. My other aunt was a nursery school administrator. My godmother was vice principal at a high school. The teaching gene skipped me but I know the role they played in peoples’ lives.

I think everyone has a story. With this feature, we asked the women at Post University if they would share their story. And by sharing these stories, we acknowledge and celebrate the women at the University. We also celebrate the power of these connections. Each one is unique, but together they tell a larger tale about the University.

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