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Eligible Family Members

Eligible Family Members

yellowribbon_02017 Military Friendly School for SpousesAt Post University, we are proud and honored to help eligible military family members achieve their higher education goals. As a full participant and supporter of the GI Bill Yellow Ribbon Program, we can help you identify and access the military benefits available to you and your family.

Post University will work with you to utilize your family’s Military Educational Benefits and to provide other financial assistance to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. Post University is approved by all branches of the military and the VA for payment of benefits.

Download your Military Service Member’s Guide to learn everything you need to
know about earning a college degree online.

Because we are traditional university with an excellent online program, you can choose to earn your degree in several ways:

  • Traditional Four-Year Campus in Waterbury, CT
  • Accelerated Degree Programs Offered Completely Online
  • Accelerated Degree Programs Offered during Evenings & Weekends in Connecticut

Find out about what undergraduate and graduate degree programs are available to you.

Eligible Family Members Requirements

In order for Eligible Family Members of service members or veterans to receive the Military Program tuition, fees, and book discounts as reflected above, eligibility must be established. To be eligible for the Military Program tuition and fee schedule the following conditions must be met:

  • A certified true copy of the service member’s DD-214 must be provided,
  • or if the service member is still serving in the Armed Services or Coast Guard, a certified true copy of the DEERs enrollment verification must be provided.
  • Verification of dependency will be established by one of the following:
    • providing a certified true copy of a marriage certificate/license,
    • a certified true copy of complete Federal Tax forms showing dependency and relationship to the veteran or service member,
    • or proof of residency with the veteran, service member, or surviving spouse.
  • In the case of dependents that are receiving DEA program benefits, eligibility for the Military Program tuition discount only pertains to survivors of service members killed or wounded in action, and who are permanently and totally disabled due to a service-related condition, or the death of a veteran as a result of a service-related condition. Spouses receiving DEA program benefits that are separated or divorced from the veteran, are not eligible for the Military Program discount.
  • Dependent children are eligible for the Military Program discount until the age of 24.