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Project Management Courses Available at Post!

Explore Your Potential with Online Project Management Courses

At its core, project management is a methodical and strategic approach to organizing the planning, execution, monitoring, and closure of projects with efficiency and effectiveness. Project management makes use of a range of methodologies, tools, and best practices to produce results. It involves harmonizing diverse resources, tasks, and stakeholders to achieve precise objectives within predetermined parameters of scope, budget, and schedule.

Certified project managers are professionals trained to use these tools and provide the leadership and problem-solving abilities necessary to navigate through challenges and find innovative solutions. Proficiency in risk management also equips them to proactively mitigate potential issues before they escalate, helping to ensure the ultimate success of projects and the delivery of tangible business benefits.

At Post University, we have been providing project management training opportunities for business professionals for nearly a decade. In that time, we have developed several different project management courses to help students expand project leadership capabilities:


Why Pursue Project Management Courses at The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business?

  • Authorized Training Partner (4631) of the Project Management Institute (PMI)PMI Authorization
    Post University is an Authorized Training Partner (Provider ID: 4631) of the Project Management Institute (PMI). As such, we are proud to offer a comprehensive array of project management courses aligned to current PMI Global Standards.
  • Industry-Experienced Instructors
    Instructors for our project management-specific classes are Project Management Professionals (PMPs) and Agile-certified practitioners. Their professional experiences inform their instruction as, through coursework, they offer a structured and disciplined approach to the execution of projects that could result in diminishing the potential for delays, cost overruns, and scope creep.
  • Online Learning Flexibility
    We offer online project management courses to help fit your project management education into your life. There are also self-study or facilitated learning options.


Take the Next Step

An education in project management at The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business can make help you make a difference throughout your career. See for yourself. Join us and pursue the skills, knowledge, and network you could use to excel in the professional field of project management.


Note: Post University does not guarantee PMP or CAPM certification, and there are requirements for such certification outside of education. It is ultimately the responsibility of individual students to manage their own certification process and to ensure that all requirements are met in obtaining certification. Post University does not speak on behalf of PMI or any licensing board or body.


Fundamentals of Project Management

This introductory course examines the fundamental principles of project planning and execution. It offers an exploration into the critical factors contributing to project success by covering what it takes to plan, analyze, execute, and oversee projects effectively. This program offers the learning experiences you could use to practice project management fundamentals to initiate, strategize, and execute projects in alignment with your project and organizational strategic goals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify clear project objectives
  • Effectively initiate and structure a project
  • Develop a comprehensive project plan encompassing scoping, scheduling, and critical-path determination
  • Skillfully estimate project activity costs
  • Proficiently assess, prioritize, and manage project-related risks
  • Execute projects with precision and employ the earned value approach for progress monitoring and control

Recommended for beginners to project management educational metrics.

Fundamentals of Project Management Details

  • Education Hours: 14 contact hours, 1.4 CEUs, 12 PDUs
  • Course Topics:
    • Topic 1: Grasping the Project Management Framework
    • Topic 2: Defining the Project Scope
    • Topic 3: Gaining Proficiency in Project Schedule and Cost Management
    • Topic 4: Understanding and Effectively Managing Project Risk
    • Topic 5: Navigating Project Execution and Closure
  • Course Fee: $725.00
  • Duration: Four 8 hours days, Tuesday- Friday 8 am – 5 pm (EST)
  • Modality: Live, online, synchronous

Project Management Essentials for Non-Project Managers

In the realm of project execution, it is crucial team members share an understanding of common terms and align their expectations harmoniously. Our “Project Management Essentials for Non-Project Managers” course is designed for anyone who:

  • Possesses little or no prior project management knowledge
  • Works in project management or aspires to contribute to project teams
  • Wants to transition into the dynamic field of project management

Program Highlights: This course serves as your gateway to the world of project management by offering:

  • Essential project management terminology and concepts
  • Foundational project management tools and techniques to help you more effectively support your team
  • Valuable insights into the fundamental principles of project management

Learning Objectives:

  • Categorize project management processes and their respective purposes
  • Name and describe the roles and responsibilities of project team members
  • Apply core project management tools with confidence
  • Recognize project stakeholders and appreciate their distinctive contributions
  • Summarize critical communication tools and techniques for effective project collaboration

Recommended for non-project management professionals to support their teams.

Project Management Essentials for Non-Project Managers Details

  • Education Hours: 16 contact hours, 1.6 CEUs, 6 PDUs
  • Course Topics:
    • Topic 1: Project Management Process and Purposes
    • Topic 2: Roles and Responsibilities of Project Team Members
    • Topic 3: Core Project Management Tools
    • Topic 4: The Roles of Stakeholders
    • Topic 5: Critical Communication Tools and Techniques
  • Course Fee: $725.00
  • Duration: Four 8 hours days, Tuesday- Friday 8 am – 5 pm (EST)
  • Modality: Live, online, synchronous

Microsoft Project

This course provides the opportunity to participate in hands-on experiences using Microsoft Project for students with no prior knowledge. Course covers different types of Microsoft Project software options as well as how to navigate the software interface, create a project plan, add resources, and generate custom reports. It also demonstrates how Enterprise customers may use Microsoft Project in that environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe Microsoft Project and its capabilities
  • Use the key elements and capabilities of Microsoft Project
  • Navigate the Microsoft Project interface
  • Plan and start a new project using Microsoft Project
  • Develop, format, and customize project plans and reports to share project progress and data
  • Manage Microsoft Project in an Enterprise environment

Recommended for beginners.

Microsoft Project Details

  • Course Fee: Non-students — $925 (Current MPM students reach out to faculty for access code.)
  • Duration: Monday – Friday, 40 hours
  • Modality: Self-study or facilitated — live, online, synchronous