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Statement Chad McGuire,

Director of High School Academy at Post University

September 26, 2023

Governor Lamont’s announcement today, which awarded grants to expand dual credit offerings at local school districts, means that more students in Connecticut will get college experience before they graduate high school.

This is tremendous news. Giving students access to college during high school benefits them academically, experientially, and financially. A family can erase the financial burden of up to two years of college debt if their child participates in a dual credit program. One of the many benefits of a dual degree program is that the school district and state can now provide funding, not the parents.

Since 2018, Post University has offered Waterbury High School students the opportunity to take college courses through our High School Academy. Today, our program has grown to over 30 strategic educational partners in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas. It is exciting when a student becomes part of our High School Academy because we are introducing them to new set possibilities.

Beyond fostering intellectual growth, dual credit programs boost self-confidence, and promote educational equity by opening doors to underserved students who might not have otherwise had access to college-level courses. We hope to see continued support and expansion of dual credit offerings to ensure that every student has access to this enriching educational experience.