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There are job opportunities in all kinds of industries, and one area that is growing quickly is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency with its related underlying technology of Blockchain has emerged as an industry over the past few years.  A couple of the most well-adopted cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum. These and other less-known cryptocurrencies have become the base of a new investment area and have spun a new class of blockchain-based solutions for a set of new problems that benefit from distributed authentication or identity management. The cryptocurrency area demands a new set of digital skills that builds on an understanding of software engineering, coding, digital solutions design, and blockchain technologies.

If you want to explore cryptocurrency-based jobs, how do you get started?

How Do I Get a Career in Cryptocurrency?

There are plenty of ways to get started if you are interested in a career in cryptocurrency. There are many sectors in this industry, but for this article, we will focus more on STEM careers. Here are some of the functional areas applicable in the world of cryptocurrency where one can pursue a career in:

Trading. If you want to be a cryptocurrency trading professional, it will be your job to research market opportunities, use data analysis, and identify market opportunities.

A professional cryptocurrency trader will work to improve risk management techniques, develop new trading models, and leverage market data to maximize potential returns. Someone who desires a career in this field will have to study finance in school and demonstrate a track record of proficiency in digital market analysis.

Mining. Some people are interested in becoming professional cryptocurrency miners. A professional miner is responsible for mining new types of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Every transaction that occurs in the world of cryptocurrency is recorded on the public ledger. It is essentially a block added to the chain. For this block to be added, the transaction must be verified, which is the job of cryptocurrency miners.

Miners have to solve complicated mathematical algorithms to get the block added to the node. In exchange for their work, they are paid in cryptocurrency. Becoming a professional cryptocurrency miner requires the right equipment and educational credentials, such as software engineering. That way, miners know what equipment is best for their needs and how to maximize its use.

Crypto and Blockchain Development.  Exploring a crypto and blockchain development career can be beneficial, as it is the most in-demand job. To become a blockchain engineer, you need to obtain a degree in software engineering, computer science, or something similar. Many people who desire a career in blockchain development also pursue internships with blockchain companies while still in school. This allows you to showcase your skills before you graduate and enter the job market.

Some of the most common programming languages in cryptocurrency include Python and C++. Software engineers work on analytical programs, substacks, and blockchains. Software engineers in this sector are also responsible for designing and testing systems, performing maintenance on existing programs, and collaborating with other engineers and developers on larger projects.

What Skills Do I Need to Work in Crypto?

If you are interested in starting a career in cryptocurrency, there are several vital skills you need to have. These are generally broken up into hard skills, which are firm, foundational knowledge bases, and soft skills, which are more personality trait-oriented.

A few examples of hard skills include:

  • Blockchain: No matter your role in cryptocurrency, you must grasp how blockchain technology works. You may not need to understand every detail of blockchain technology, but you must have a working knowledge to collaborate with your teammates.
  • Coding: Cryptocurrency is a highly technical field, and you must have some coding knowledge. The exact type of coding you will need to be familiar with will vary depending on the type of cryptocurrency you work with and your job role.
  • Web Development: You will need to be familiar with various UX tools, such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, that can help with web development. You may also want to be familiar with Python, Scala, and several other languages.
  • Data Analysis: Cryptocurrency is all about data, so you need a background in data analysis. Computer science can help you learn how to collect and analyze data.
  • Mathematics: Skills in mathematical modeling are important for a career in cryptocurrency.  Models such as Gaussian, optimization, and algorithms are critical to successful cryptocurrency careers and the related blockchain technologies.
  • Cryptography: Many people enjoy using cryptocurrency because it is anonymous and untraceable. This is only possible if the people behind the scenes intimately understand cryptography.

The exact type of hard skills you need for a career in cryptocurrency will vary depending on your position. At the same time, it can also be beneficial to develop your soft skills. A few examples include:

  • A Hunger for Learning: Cryptocurrency and blockchain are fields that are growing and developing quickly. Because they are relatively new, they are still rapidly evolving. This means new research is always coming out, and you will need to stay updated on everything happening.
  • Teamwork: In this field, you will frequently operate in small groups of people. It is critical that you understand how to be a good teammate if you want your projects to be completed accurately and on time.
  • Communication: While it is pretty common for these jobs to be remote, you must still communicate regularly with your teammates if you want your projects to go well. A willingness to share with others is critical.
  • Creativity: Even though computer science is typically viewed as a hard science, new ideas in cryptocurrency are coming out all the time. These ideas only manifest because of creativity. A willingness to think outside the box can be helpful in this field.

If you combine these hard and soft skills, you can build a successful career in this field; however, you also need proper training.

What Degree Do You Need to Work in Cryptocurrency?

There are several types of degrees that can be helpful in this field. They include:

Data Science Degree

degree in data science can also benefit those interested in cryptocurrency careers. With programs and tools expanding, you might want to explore some of the job opportunities in data science as a potential cryptocurrency career. An example of a potential job under this umbrella would be Data Scientist.

A data scientist specializes in not only collecting data but also extracting meaning from it. Mathematics, statistical analysis, and machine learning are all essential for becoming a strong data scientist. A data scientist will collect, clean, and analyze data to look for trends.

Computer Science Degree

computer science degree can also lead to a career in cryptocurrency. These are major job roles surrounding Bitcoin and Ethereum, so if you are interested in careers in cryptocurrency, these might be opportunities to explore. Some of the job roles for which a degree in computer science is helpful include:

  • Software Engineer: A software engineer is responsible for designing, developing, testing, and maintaining various software programs and tools. A software engineer is integral to developing new software systems in the world of cryptocurrency, particularly those related to blockchain technology.
  • Networking Systems: A computer science degree is also essential for a job in networking systems. A professional in networking will plan, implement, and maintain networks that support wired and wireless networking systems, all of which are essential in cryptocurrency.
  • Blockchain Developer: A blockchain developer works directly with emerging blockchain systems. A blockchain developer will also find new ways to leverage existing blockchain programs to expand the role of cryptocurrency and improve the user experience. A strong understanding of computer science is critical for this profession.

A firm educational foundation is essential if you are interested in starting a career in cryptocurrency. At Post University, we have a variety of programs that could help you jumpstart your career in cryptocurrency. We have a wide variety of challenging, fulfilling programs that could put you in a position to compete for some of the best jobs in the industry. You can remain on the leading edge of this field, showcasing to potential employers your willingness to adapt, learn, and work as an integral member of the team. Learn more about our programs today, and reach out to us to get started!

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