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Recertification for police officers no longer needs to detract from the job itself, it can be done intermittently and flexibly while remaining on the force.

Salvador Nesci, the program coordinator for the University’s new police recertification program, has been involved in CT law enforcement for almost 30 years. Earlier this year, he embarked on this endeavor to build a flexible program that accommodates for the busy, sporadic schedules that which many officers work. They can take the program from their mobile device during downtime on the job and not worry about getting pulled away from the course. Any course work completed by an officer is automatically saved.

“If a police department is looking to send their police officers to a traditional class and they want to save some financial resources, Post’s police recertification training is the modality that you want to use because it is flexible, it is nimble, it is modern, and it is progressive. Officers can take this training without actually removing police officers from their duties and functions. And that’s the beauty of this program,” said Nesci.

Nesci has been working with other faculty members in the John P Burke School of Public Service and Education as well as the Dean of Continuing Education Dr. Dawn Sherman to build the curriculum for the program.

“It’s a self-paced program, which officers can do over a three-year period. They can do it over a one-week period, or over a month. I think that this police recertification program is going to be the modern look of law enforcement going forward,” said Nesci.

This September, Post University is launching six of the 27 courses in the recertification program.