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Post University Blog

What got you interested in science?

I knew since I was a child, I wanted to become a doctor or be involved in the medical field, especially thanks to my mom who is a doctor. She made me appreciate the beauty of earth, and to respect it. My interest for Biology started when I realized I could help people and the world with own ability that fit my interest and personality.

What is one of the biggest advantages of studying science?

Studying science made me realize how precious and balanced our Earth is, and how little each person could do to contribute to maintain that balance. It also allowed me to get interest in human life, and lean that if we collaborate, we can help each other in order to cure us and preserve our world.

Why should we care about the environment? 

We should care about the environment because our ecosystem includes us, and we as well should do something to maintain the natural balance of Earth, and be grateful for all the resources we get to use thanks to Earth.