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Post University recently added to two students to join the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council.

Samantha Gabris

Samantha Gabris was born and raised on the outskirts of Trenton, New Jersey. She has a background in serving her community and nation through nearly a decade in the Coast Guard, where she had the pleasure of working with a diverse array of people and backgrounds.

Motivated by personal experiences and her dedication to her children, Samantha was initially driven to advocate for change after her oldest son experienced abusive incidents during his early childhood education. Determined to make a difference, Samantha joined Post University and pursued a degree in Child Studies in August 2021, driven by a commitment to ensuring every child has equal access to a safe and quality education.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Samantha’s interests encompass a diverse range, from spending time with her family to caring for their animals, writing, and crafting. Her dedication to justice and inclusion is not just professional but deeply personal, as she is the parent of three children with special needs. This firsthand experience drives her mission to advocate for equitable opportunities for all, especially within the medical and educational fields.

As a woman veteran, aspiring early childhood educator, rare disease parent, and COSE advocate, Samantha Gabris is passionate about fostering a sense of belonging and a more inclusive environment at Post University and beyond. Her unwavering commitment to creating a world where every individual feels valued and supported in their endeavors emphasizes her invaluable role in championing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within our community.

Annunciata “Cici” De-Souza

Annunciata (Cici), is a dedicated graduate student at Post University from London, United Kingdom. On campus, she holds the esteemed positions of Resident Assistant (RA) and Captain of the Women’s Tennis Team. With a strong background in marketing, she is currently gaining valuable experience through her roles as a social media manager for Campus Life and a marketing intern for Chartwells.

With this, her interests include traveling – having lived in 3 different countries – and sports, especially tennis! Her international upbringing has instilled in her a passion for travel and a profound appreciation for cultural diversity.

Beyond her academic and athletic pursuits, Cici has a deep commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives aligning with her belief that everyone should feel heard and valued. As an international student, Cici offers an enlightening perspective on DEI matters, contributing to the creation of a more inclusive community at Post University.


Members of the University Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council:

Wesley Debnam
Margaret Carbone
Isabel Cruz
Annunciata “Cici” De-Souza
Ashley Edmonds
Alyssa Fortin
Samantha Gabris
James Heffner
Michelle Hubbell
Michael Lombardi
Rachel Powell
Azria Roundtree
Vivian Simmons
Michael Wolter