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Post University Blog

This month we are highlighting influential women at Post University in honor of Women’s History Month. Read more at Women of Post.

Elaine Neely
Chief Regulatory Officer

What inspired you to enter the field of education, or got you started on your professional path?

I had just moved to a new city and was applying for positions. I ‘borrowed’ my next door neighbor’s newspaper to search for an appropriate fit. Coincidentally, I applied for two positions within higher education, a field I had not considered in the past.

I began my position as the receptionist for a small college in Atlanta. Within a month, I was promoted to Financial Aid Officer. That was in 1973. The rest is history!

Through all of the years, what inspires me is the dedication our associates feel towards our students and helping them change their lives.

Who was your female role model?

My female role model was my younger sister, who unfortunately passed away seven years ago at the age of 55. She was an inspiration to those around her, and especially me, in the way she conducted herself through difficult times, always providing counseling and advice with a gentle touch and warm compassion.

Although she is no longer with us, she still has an impact on her family, her community and her friends.

Do you want share your interest or involvement in a community organization?

I support the Waterbury United Way, as I feel that my contribution can go further in Waterbury than it will in a city the size of Atlanta. Even though I am not here full time, I feel very connected to our community.