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Women of Post

Celebrating the Women of Post

This year, Post University is commemorating our 130th anniversary. As part of our celebration, in March we are highlighting the Women of Post. Learn about who influenced them and their favorite ‘Post memory.” Our profiles include current students who are excelling as well as women from our past, who may no longer with us, but whose efforts made significant contributions to the University.

By sharing these stories, we acknowledge and celebrate the women at the University. Each one is unique, but together they tell a larger tale about the University.

Tracy Ralston

Library Director

Linda Kobylarz

Director, Honors Program

Caitlyn Masiewicz

Associate Registrar – Data Systems

Kathy Walker, MPA

Reporting and Insights Analyst 

Stephanie Caban

Chief of Staff, Office of the Deans

Elisa Murphy

Director of Associate Experience Services

Carla Goldstone

Program Chair of Biology

Lauren Gelati

Academic Success Counselor

Megan Lucia

Assistant Dean for Academic Success

Christina Billings

Associate Director of Career Services, Employer Relations

2020 Women's Basketball Team


Cindy Deschenes


Lydia Asamoah


Jenna Abeyta


Kathleen Takita


Rose Traurig


Phyllis C. DeLeo


Christina Arroyo


2019 Women of Post

Stephanie Payzant

Director of Instructional Design

Erica Peryga

Dean of Students

Alicia Garfield

Undergraduate Marketing Program Chair

Karin Mann

Senior Associate Director of Athletics

Sandra Wilson

Program Chair, Criminal Justice

Jeanna Sinn

Vice President of Admissions

Jennifer Labate

Title IX and Disability Coordinator

Abigail Nemec

Director of Programs, Program Chair for Equine Studies, School of Arts and Sciences

Vicki Whisenhant

Chief Experience Officer

Dana Wilke

Assistant Provost

Elsa Jones

Program Chair of Early Childhood Education and Assistant Professor

Alisa Hunt

Director of Graduate Studies in the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business

Elaine Neely

Chief Regulatory Officer

Tanya Pistawka

Associate Experience Team – Director of Associate Learning

Victoria Meehan

Director of Main Campus Admissions

Katherine Mills

Head Coach Women’s Lacrosse

Joan Huwiler

Director of Communications

Bridget Muniz

Head Trainer

“My mom is my hero and role model. Her giving nature, strength and perseverance is a source of inspiration.”

Alicia Garfield, Undergraduate Marketing Program Chair

“Through all of the years, what inspires me is the dedication our associates feel towards our students and helping them change their lives.”

Elaine Neely, Chief Regulatory Officer

“I have many people to thank who helped me along the way and who continue to help and support me.”

Stephanie Payzant, Director of Instructional Design