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Women of Post

Celebrating the Women of Post

Every March, Post University shines a spotlight on inspiring women who have had an impact on our schools, our staff, and our students. Outstanding women have been influential throughout Post’s history, offering a legacy that continues to lift us up today.

Below, members of our Post family share stories and favored memories of the women who inspire them. These stories include students, graduates, and faculty as well as women from our past, some who may no longer be with us, but whose efforts made significant contributions to us individually and to the University as a whole. Join us as we acknowledge and celebrate them.


Caitlyn Masiewicz
University Registrar

Dr. Elizabeth Kranz
Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

Dawn Sherman, Ed.D.
Dean, School of Continuing Education

Linda Kobylarz
Director, Honors Program

Dr. Renee Pitre
Counseling Center Director

Camille Dumont
Director, Center for Career and Professional Development


Greta Shealy
Graduate, Master of Science in Nursing for Case Management

Jazmin Andrews
2022 Main Campus Valedictorian


Amanda Cherniske
2021 ADP Valedictorian

Sherri Wydra
Graduate, Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Hailey Aeppli
Graduate, Early Childhood Education


Tracy Ralston

Library Director

Stephanie Caban

Chief of Staff, Office of the Deans

Elisa Murphy

Director of Associate Experience Services

Carla Goldstone

Program Chair of Biology

2020 Women's Basketball Team


Cindy Deschenes


Christina Arroyo


Jenna Abeyta


Lydia Asamoah


Rose Traurig


Phyllis C. DeLeo



Stephanie Payzant

Director of Instructional Design

Sandra Wilson

Program Chair, Criminal Justice

Jeanna Sinn

Vice President of Admissions

Karin Mann

Senior Associate Director of Athletics

Jennifer Labate

Director of Title IX and Disability Services

Abigail Nemec

Director of Programs, Program Chair for Equine Studies, School of Arts and Sciences

Elaine Neely

Chief Regulatory Officer

Victoria Meehan

Director of Main Campus Admissions

Alisa Hunt

Director of Graduate Studies in the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business

Joan Huwiler

Director of Communications

Bridget Muniz

Head Trainer