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Job Search

​The job search process can be a daunting task even for the most experienced professionals, and securing a job involves a lot of preparation and work. We are here to help you understand the pieces to the puzzle and be better equipped not only to develop the documents and skills to land a job, but also to go the distance to achieve your future career.

Moving up in your career is an ongoing, evolving process. As technologies and methods change, you have to stay current—and even ahead of the curve. We strive to give you the background and the tools to know how to update, research and market yourself to stand out against your competition.


Online Job Search Tools

Offers a comprehensive platform for career assessments, career and degree matching, and guided pathways. It delivers individual academic and career plans for prospective and enrolled students.

After taking the career assessments, you’ll be presented with suggested career paths based on your interests, available Post University degree programs, and regional economic data. You can read more about the career, why you might like it, expected salaries and costs, and what degree you could pursue to work in that field. You’re also able to change their paths and customize your career outcomes as you go.

Once you have your career path then you can search for jobs on the job board and get help with your resume, interviewing skills, networking skills, etc…

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Is the campus odd job board, connecting students with opportunities in the communities surrounding campus – and beyond. Babysitting, tutoring, office work, project work, yard work, catering and party help. The list of opportunities is endless. 

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Connect Your Degree and Career Path

Then search for jobs that match your interests and aspirations. Awato is a career assessment and job board resource for students. Learn more about Awato.