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Course Registration

Returning students register prior to the start of each semester or module. Students may register in person at the Office of the Registrar or online by going directly to WebReg or via the Post One.

Whether students register in person or online, they must communicate with their Academic Advisor or Academic Success Counselor prior to registration. No credit will be given for a course unless the student is officially registered in that course prior to the close of the Add/Drop period.

Main Campus students who wish to take Accelerated Degree Program classes must maintain a cumulative grade point average of no less than a 3.00 and must complete the request form with their advisor and gain the approval from an Academic Dean.

Online Web Registration System
Post University has a registration portal called WebReg that allows students to register for courses and review their personal and academic information. Students may gain access by going directly to WebReg or via the Post One single-sign on, using the username and password provided to them when they first enrolled.

The following information is accessible through the WebReg portal:

  1. Course Registration.
  2. Course Information.
  3. Grades and Unofficial Transcripts.
  4. Degree and Major.
  5. Name and Contact Information of your Academic Advisor and/or Academic Success Counselor.

Students who wish to change their address or telephone information listed on WebReg should email Students may also change their address or telephone information via the Change of Personal Information Form.

Click a link below to view course schedules or registration dates.

*Last updated 05/7/19.

Course Schedule Policies
The Office of the Registrar has available a schedule of classes prior to the beginning of each term. The schedule includes the courses that will be offered, the days and times at which they meet, and the name of the instructor. It also contains instructions for registration as well as other information, including the University Calendar. The University reserves the right to withdraw a course from the schedule up to and including the first week of classes. The University also sets limits on the number of students who may enroll in a class.

Students may make changes to their schedule during the “add/drop” period at the start of a term. A schedule change consists of adding or dropping a course or changing from one course section to another. Learn more about our Academic Policies and Procedures like schedule changes, add/drop policies and course loads.