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Graduate Certificate in Professional Counseling

Pursue a Career with an Online Graduate Certificate in Counseling

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In this completely online certificate in counseling program, you can select courses that will cover the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of various mental and behavioral health disorders. You will also have the opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of the primary models, theories, and techniques in individual, group, or family counseling.

What Could I Do with a Graduate Certificate in Counseling?

The Graduate Certificate in Professional Counseling is designed to help you build and refine your professional counseling skills. The program provides the opportunity to explore the issues and aspects of mental health and substance abuse. You could pursue this online certificate in counseling for personal or professional edification.

While this professional counseling graduate certificate is not designed to fulfill licensure requirements in an individual state, the program may be used to partially fulfill licensure requirements.

Post University assists in researching and providing information regarding licensure; however, each state has different requirements for such licensure outside of the required education. Such state requirements may include licensure exams, background checks, certain work experience, and more. It is ultimately the responsibility of each student to manage their own licensure process and to ensure that all requirements are met in order for the student to obtain licensure. Post University does not speak on behalf of any licensing board or body and does not guarantee licensure. Requirements for licensure are subject to change without notice.

The tables at the following links show whether Post University, with completion of the appropriate curriculum, does or does not fulfill the educational requirements for a specific license:


Visit the University Catalog >> for Curriculum, Course Descriptions, and Program Outcomes.


Benefits of Earning an Online Certificate in Counseling

  • Online grad certificate students receive support from a personal Post team focused on their academic success
  • Learn from experienced professionals
  • Flexible class times
  • Online courses use group discussion to encourage engagement and learning

Personalize Your Professional Counseling Graduate Certificate

Unsure which courses would work best for your specific goals? Let us help. Your personal academic advisor is here to answer your questions, address your challenges, and offer guidance as you matriculate through the program. Plus, your courses are taught by faculty with relevant professional experience. In and out of the classroom, we are here to help you succeed.

Contact us today to learn more about Post University’s graduate certificate in counseling online program.


Pursuing a graduate certificate in counseling is a big step. You probably have some questions. We have answers.

Can I get a certificate in counseling?

Yes, a certificate in counseling offers specialized training in areas such as mental health counseling and substance abuse counseling. While a certificate in counseling may provide foundational knowledge and skills, it is important to note that licensure requirements for practicing as a counselor vary by location and typically involve completing a master’s degree and obtaining supervised clinical experience.

What is a post-master’s counseling certificate?

A post-master’s counseling certificate is a specialized program designed for individuals who already hold a master’s degree in counseling or a related field. These certificate programs offer additional training and expertise in specific areas of counseling. They provide advanced skills and knowledge to enhance professional practice or pursue specialization within the counseling profession, often catering to the evolving needs of clients and the broader mental health field.

Why earn a certificate in professional counseling?

An online certificate in professional counseling could help current healthcare professionals expand their knowledge to achieve better patient outcomes or re-specialize in mental health counseling. It also provides the opportunity for counseling professionals to refresh their knowledge and skills.

Can I pursue a certificate in counseling online?

Yes, the Graduate Certificate in Professional Counseling is offered fully online, with a synchronous component in one course. This counseling certificate program is taught by experienced professionals in an engaging online environment, providing flexibility for working professionals. However, it is important to ensure that any online counseling program you choose meets the licensure requirements in your state if you intend to pursue professional licensure as a counselor, as licensure requirements may vary by location and program.

What is the difference between a counseling certificate and certification?

The primary difference between a counseling certificate and certification lies in its purposes and recognition. A counseling certificate typically signifies the completion of a specific training program or coursework in counseling, providing foundational knowledge and skills in the field. On the other hand, certification typically involves meeting specific requirements set by a professional organization or licensing board, demonstrating competence and proficiency in a particular area of counseling through examinations, supervised experience, and continuing education. Certification often holds more weight in the field and may be required for certain specialized roles or to obtain licensure as a professional counselor.

How long is the Graduate Certificate in Professional Counseling?

The online graduate certificate in professional counseling normally takes 16 months to complete and requires 24 credit hours.

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