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The student portal serves as a centralized hub for you to access academic information, services, and resources.  Changes have been made to improve your student experience at the University. After you log in, you will immediately notice the new landing page. With one click, you have access to your courses, email, financial aid, or unofficial transcripts, as well as your advisor and other important services and academic resources. You also have a quick link to the IT Helpdesk in the top right-hand corner and will receive a weekly student newsletter.

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Another important, personal resource available for you is YOU@Post, a unique web portal dedicated to student health, happiness, and success. YOU@Post helps lead to success in academics as well as focusing on physical and mental health. It also assists you in finding a purpose and sense of connection and involvement in the university.

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Whether you struggle with setting goals, grades, time management, or even making new friends, YOU@Post has resources to help. It emphasizes individual well-being and self-awareness by offering tools and resources for exactly what you need to succeed, thrive, and matter… 24/7.

You@Post serves up relevant information and campus resources, and the content becomes personalized as you complete brief assessments, fill out a profile, or search for something specific. There also is a built-in function where you can set goals and check them off as you go.

All information is completely confidential; no one can track what information you are searching.

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Center for Academic Success & Tutoring

Looking to earn better grades? Striving to pass a difficult class or even trying to get that B to an A? Consider visiting the Center for Academic Success (CAS).  CAS is available for all online and campus students and offers individualized tutoring sessions in a wide variety of subjects, including: mathematics, writing, accounting, finance, statistics, algebra, biology, sociology, and English. In addition to offering course-specific learning strategies, tutors also assist with organizational skills and study skills.  All services are provided in a welcoming environment (both in-person and remote).


Also embedded in Blackboard and Moodle courses is Pear Deck Tutor (formerly TutorMe), which provides one-on-one online tutoring.  This service is available 24/7, and all students receive 12-hours of Pear Deck Tutor each term.


The Student Online Assistance Resource (SOAR) is a confidential and professional resource that provides students and family members in the same household with counseling, financial and legal support, and personal convenience services at no additional cost. To access SOAR, go to First-time users will need to register and will need a Post Web ID