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The Help You Need When You Need It

Life is filled with problems. Some of them are in the classroom; some simply in the living. And when problems crop up, there’s nothing like having an expert in your corner to help you through it.

Marie Papp, math tutor at Post University’s Center for Academic Success

So, when Post University student Felecia T. found herself with problems in and out of her math courses, she knew she had to talk with her math tutor from the Center for Academic Success (CAS), Marie Papp.

“Math has always been a particular challenge for me,” writes Felecia, “and I knew from the beginning of the course that I would need to give more time and effort in order to pass.”

A positive, proactive student, Felecia recognized she could get that help through the tutoring services CAS provides.

Then life threw Felecia a curveball: “I had to undergo emergency knee surgery during the session.”

Her first instinct was to withdraw and retake the course later, but she knew she had to talk with Papp—a Post professional she considered as more of an advisor and a math counselor and not just a tutor. Papp encouraged Felecia to continue her studies and ask the professor for help in handling her assignments.

“Ms. Papp made and difference in my life,” writes Felecia, “not only for a moment, but for my future.” With Papp, and all of Post University, in her corner, Felecia was able to complete all her assignments … and her class.

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to her,” writes Felecia. “Without her knowledge, insight, sagacity and kindness … I can be very honest and state that I would not have made it successfully to the finish line.

“Ms. Marie Papp is an exceptional employee and represents the University very well. Thank you, Ms. Papp, you are special.”

And so are you Felecia!

The Center for Academic Success offers even more to help students pass classes. From 12 hours of free online one-on-one tutoring help to the Writing Center to access to video programs, computer-assisted instruction and internet-based educational programs, CAS is here to enrich student learning throughout their educational experiences.

Students also have access to 24/7 online tutoring from TutorMe. This on demand tutor / homework services – offers a wide concentration of more than 300 subjects, video chat accessibility as well as graduate level assistance. Students can request a favorite tutor if they wish rather than receiving help from a different tutor each time. Finding a ‘favorite’ tutor, also allows a student to build a relationship as they progress through classes. Students access to TutorMe is from their Blackboard courses.