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Written by Katie Shpak, University Writer

Whether teaching online at Post University or teaching her students at Pomperaug High School, Professor Megan Henion asserts, “Good teaching is good teaching.”

Henion became a valuable asset to the English Department at Post in October 2020. In a short time frame, she impacted numerous students through building connections and ensuring that each student feels supported. As a result, Henion was awarded the Faculty Impact Award for the past eight-week term for online courses.

“Everyone learns differently and at different paces. Being aware of that is crucial,” said Henion.

Henion has been teaching at the high school level for 20 years. In the high school environment, Henion had the opportunity to get to know her students well, forming bonds with them over the course of a full academic year. Understanding how vital those bonds are for both the student and the professor, Henion maintained this mentality with adult online learners, which has led her students to feel supported beyond the classroom. In addition to forming relationships with her students, Henion also strives to emulate the vibrancy of a classroom setting in her online courses to keep students engaged.

Henion expresses the significant benefit of being able to connect students to various resources.

“It is such a huge asset when speaking with students to ensure them that there are additional resources available,” said Henion, “I can connect with their academic success counselor, which is an important connection to make as their professor. I love the support team approach to the online dynamic.”

Henion is able to share resources with her students, whether they include academic support through the Center for Academic Success or mental health resources such as YOU@Post. There is always a platform of assistance available for students to seek guidance where needed.

Henion’s passion for teaching is evident; she loves forming connections with students and encouraging them to think critically and see from different perspectives.

“Find what brings you joy in life, something you are passionate about. If you can find a way to make a living out of it, even better!  Teaching is something I feel very passionately about; it is something that brings me joy.  I feel very fortunate to be able to teach for a living,” said Henion.

“The Faculty Impact Award recognizes members of the Post University faculty that reach beyond the standard expectations for online and/or main campus instructors. These faculty members are a true testament to the Post University values and make it personal by forging a strong connection and relationship with students, providing outstanding educational guidance based on field expertise, and inspiring students to become the best version of themselves.”