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Michael Wynn | Social Community Manager

Communication and Media Studies Associate Faculty member Jo Ellen Roe has been named the recipient of the 2021 early fall term Faculty Impact Award.  Roe, who is the first member of the department to receive the award, has been teaching online at the University for more than ten years and enjoys getting to know her students on a personal level.  The award, bestowed by the Faculty Experience Committee, comes from student nominations.

“What I enjoy the most is the students,” Roe said. “They’re all there to learn and to improve themselves.”

Roe, who teaches the department’s foundational communication course required for all Undergraduate degree-seeking students, enjoys teaching the practical and little-thought-about aspects of communication, like non-verbal.

“I enjoy teaching about non-verbal language because it’s a new thing for students to be learning about,” she said.  “They’ve heard of body language, of course, but they haven’t really thought about it in terms of their interactions with others.”

One might say that teaching has been a family affair for Roe.  Her older sister was a kindergarten teacher and two of her children now teach.  Roe’s father was a university professor and, following in his footsteps, she brings passion and empathy to each class she teaches, and an understanding that online students have competing priorities.

“I want them to know that I respect them as people, no matter where they are in their lives,” she said.  “If a student, for instance, needs some extra time to get an assignment done, I’m going to give it to them because maybe they have a sick toddler or maybe something’s going on at work that they need more time to deal with.  For me, what’s important is that they do the work.”

It’s the personal connection with students that Roe finds most rewarding.  Her compassionate and caring nature is what drives her to encourage and motivate her students, especially those who may be experiencing difficulties.

“I had one student in particular who had such a struggle,” Roe said.  “Her computer didn’t work, and she struggled with getting assignments turned in.  We were texting each other back and forth quite frequently, and I kept encouraging her – telling her ‘You can do it, you can do it.’”

Upon learning that she had received the award, Roe had this to share:

“I am delighted to have won the Faculty Impact Award for Term 2 from Post University. I am especially pleased to be the first Associate Faculty member from the Communication and Media Studies Department to have received this honor.

The main reason I’m so pleased to receive this award is that it’s based on nominations from students. Each student has a unique story to tell – and I feel very fortunate to learn their stories and help them in some way to achieve their goals.

I believe that most teachers, if asked why they teach, would say, “I want to make a difference.” I would certainly say that. The Faculty Impact Award lets me know that I have indeed made a difference. Thank you, Post University, for this wonderful recognition.”

Learn more about Jo Ellen Roe here.

The Faculty Impact Award recognizes members of the Post University faculty that reach beyond the standard expectations for online and/or campus instructors. These faculty members are a true testament to the Post University values and make it personal by forging a strong connection and relationship with students, providing outstanding educational guidance based on field expertise, and inspiring students to become the best version of themselves.