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Taina Pagan – Graduate Student from Post University

My passion for basketball has not only driven me in games, but it has also helped me succeed in the classroom and in the workplace. I may not always make the right pass or take the best shot in games, but I remind myself of all the other good plays I am making to help my team succeed, like grabbing a tough rebound or blocking people from behind on lay-ups. I always tell my teammates that if they miss a shot on offense, they should not sulk, but instead, try to make up for their mistake on defense. The skills I developed on the court, I also use throughout every aspect of my life.

I am blessed, to say the least, to have received the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business full-tuition scholarship in my senior year of high school. Ever since I first stepped foot on Post’s campus in 2019, I understood the importance of putting 100% of my effort on the court, in my course work, and in a business setting. At Post University, I worked as an athletics department staff member, a school store cashier, a teacher’s assistant, and a content creator for my business school’s social media team.

Furthermore, as a member of Post University’s Honors Program throughout all four years here, I was accustomed to taking rigorous courses. I learned how crucial it was to have attention to detail, effective communication, and problem-solving skills. I completed my bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in international business this past spring. I also plan on pursuing a master’s degree in business administration in the fall.

Now, I have the opportunity of a lifetime as the Mohegan Sun/Connecticut Sun Partner Coordinator and post-game interviewer of the Connecticut Sun players. I’ve already made numerous connections and I’m thrilled to continue learning more about this field. Within this position, I’ve learned how to increase brand awareness and conduct extensive research on the current trends/best practices. I love my job; therefore, it never feels like “work” to me!