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WATERBURY, Conn. (April 6, 2023) – As part of its commitment to achieving equity in education, Post University today announced its participation in Waterbury Promise, a scholarship program designed to address the financial barriers impeding local students from seeking a college education. Promise scholars who enroll at Post, beginning with the fall 2023 semester, will be eligible to receive up to an annual $5,000 scholarship from the university, in addition to Promise’s own academic year award. Promise scholars may also qualify for additional campus merit scholarships or financial assistance awarded from the University.

“Post University is proud to partner with the Waterbury Promise. Currently, we have six Promise scholars who contribute to the vibrancy and diversity of our campus community,” said Assistant Provost Sandra Wilson. “Many of our best students come from our community, and deepening our partnership with Waterbury Promise will help make it possible for more of our city’s students to benefit from the university’s approach to personalized education defined by small class sizes, a liberal arts curriculum and an energetic student body.”

To be eligible, students must be a Waterbury resident as well as attend all four years of high school and graduate from a Waterbury Public School, or Kaynor or Holy Cross, and must have a GPA of 3.0 or better and an attendance rate of 90% or better.

“Since 2015 Post University, through our High School Academy program, has worked with Connecticut students to advocate the benefits of earning a degree. In 2020 we joined Dr. Ruffin to support the establishment of Early College High School at Crosby High School,” said Senior Vice President Scott Allen. “Our participation in Waterbury Promise continues our pledge to encourage hometown students to achieve their academic and professional dreams.”

“This partnership with Post University shows their commitment to offering dedicated local Waterbury Promise Scholars the opportunity to pursue their post-secondary degree right here in their community and promotes financial and academic success to completion,” said Waterbury Promise Executive Director Kelonda Maul. “We look forward to seeing scholars grow on campus and what they will accomplish in the future.”

The inaugural cohort of Post University Waterbury Promise scholarship recipients include:

  • Thalia Almeida
  • Anthony Barbieri
  • Trevor Bassett
  • Jaden Bracey
  • Aldamarre Jean
  • Kathlyn Kennedy

For more information about opportunities to attend Post University through the Waterbury Promise, please visit