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A marketing career gives you a chance to put your creative skills to use while also having a rewarding job. With a marketing degree, you can develop the skills needed for a successful career in this field. A Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree program provides you with the education to prepare you for a marketing career. The following information on marketing degree jobs can give you an idea of the kinds of careers you can build with this degree.

Is a Marketing Degree Worth It?

A marketing degree is important to have when you want to pursue a career in marketing. You might find more job opportunities with employers who prefer hiring those who have a marketing degree. Having this kind of degree can also be valuable if you decide to become an entrepreneur or plan on advancing in your career. Keep in mind that some careers in marketing have strong job outlooks as well. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that the job outlook for market research analysts is 22 percent from 2020 through 2030, which is much higher than the average job outlook for careers in the U.S. Salaries for marketing jobs can vary considerably.

What Jobs Can You Get with a Marketing Degree?

Marketing is a field that offers a wide range of job opportunities. From directing marketing campaigns to handling a company’s marketing process in the global market, you can find a marketing job that fits your career goals and professional interests. Some of the jobs for marketing majors that are available include the following.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to marketing that is done online to attract customers or clients. Working in digital marketing involves being able to apply marketing skills in an online environment to market products or services.

Jobs in Digital Marketing

When you have a marketing degree, several digital marketing jobs are available to choose from. These jobs typically require in-depth knowledge of SEO practices, which helps draw customers to a company’s website, blog, or social media pages. Some digital marketing job titles include content manager, content strategist, SEO specialist, copywriter, user experience designer, data analyst, and email marketing specialist. You can also work your way up to a leadership position as a digital marketing manager or director. With the increased use of virtual reality technology, digital marketing jobs for marketing majors also include virtual reality developers for those who have technological and marketing skills.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated marketing communications combines traditional marketing practices with newer ones. This type of marketing focuses on unifying different elements of marketing, such as advertising and public relations, in order to create a brand identity. These elements are combined for branding purposes to promote a company’s products or services and help companies maintain their reputation.

Integrated Marketing Communications Jobs

Careers in integrated marketing communications range from marketing specialists and directors to public relations directors and social media managers. Marketing specialists and directors handle marketing campaigns for companies or organizations. Public relations specialists and directors are responsible for the public-facing side of a company, as well as internal communications. Social media managers and media brand managers also fall under this category of marketing jobs. Other job titles for those who have a marketing degree include media relations director, communications and development specialists, and advertising specialists.

International Marketing

International marketing involves marketing services or products in other countries. This includes coming up with international marketing strategies, understanding the global market and economics, and learning about logistics management. International marketing presents certain challenges that marketing majors should be prepared to handle upon earning their degree.

International Marketing Job Opportunities

If the thought of marketing products or services on a global or international scale rather than a national or domestic one appeals to you, international marketing careers might be a good option for you. Careers in this marketing field include chief international marketing officer, strategic global marketing executive, and international marketing director. Chief international marketing officers oversee marketing operations in companies or organizations that sell products or services in other countries. Strategic global marketing executives use their knowledge of marketing, sales, economics, and business to develop strategies that promote a company’s products or services internationally. International marketing directors oversee an organization or company’s marketing affairs globally.

Market Research and Analytics

Market research and analytics involve collecting and analyzing data about customers, target markets, and other aspects of marketing through the use of surveys, focus groups, and other methods. This is done in order to develop improved strategies for marketing products or services. Market research and analytics is also used to come up with new products or services customers want and determine product or service prices.

Market Research Analyst Jobs

Market research analysts are marketing professionals who gather and evaluate data for a company or organization. These analysts look for marketing and sales trends based on data, evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies and campaigns, collect data from customers and competitors, and determine the best ways to gather data. Market research analysts use their knowledge and skills to find potential markets, determine pricing, and research the level of demand for certain products or services. They also help create sales plans, advertising campaigns, and product promotions.

Sales Management

Sales management involves directing or overseeing sales teams within a company or organization. This type of marketing optimizes sales teams or departments in order to increase sales, which requires understanding customer relationship management, marketing management, and sales force leadership.

Sales Management Jobs

Sales managers handle tasks and responsibilities that are part of organizing and directing sales teams or departments. These managers might create or improve training programs for sales teams, handle complaints from customers, and analyze sales statistics. Sales managers use marketing skills to come up with plans to attract new customers, such as through business-to-business marketing. Other duties sales managers handle include setting sales quotas or goals, keeping track of customer preferences, and setting discount prices or rates.

Sports Management

Sports management involves handling marketing for sports venues at the amateur, collegiate, or professional level. This type of marketing career includes marketing campaigns and other marketing efforts aimed at promoting events or merchandise related to sports. Sports management marketing is done at venues, as well as online.

Sports Management Jobs

Sports management jobs can vary widely. Some of the careers that are available for those with a marketing degree include marketing consultant, marketing coordinator, public relations manager, guest relations manager, and sports marketer. Some sports management marketing jobs focus more on marketing team merchandise or related products, while others involve handling public relations for sports teams or organizations. Marketing research analysts can also work in sports management by analyzing data from sports fans, athletes, and team competitors. Other sports management jobs to consider include sports agent, event management, sales, and advertising.

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