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High School Academy – Applying & Program Fees

Start Your College Education Now!

Congratulations on taking this first step toward a better, brighter future. It is a smart investment that can pay off dividends professionally throughout your life.

Courses through High School Academy (HSA) have been reduced to $300 per course—a 90% savings—to help save money and time on the path toward a college education. Plus, required texts are built into our learning management system so there are almost never any books to purchase and there are never any additional course or learning fees.

To qualify for admission, you must provide:

If your school has an HSA partnership with Post, talk with your school counselor or administrator to get started. If your school does not currently have a partnership with Post, request more information or complete the application, and one of our High School Academy Admission Counselors will help get you started on the path to higher education!

* If you are a little short of the 3.0 GPA requirement, let us know. We can help you go over all your options.

Program Fees: College Credit for Less

HSA makes a lot of financial sense for all involved—students, parents/guardians, and schools! Students and parents/guardians are able to lower the overall cost of a college education. With hundreds of classes to choose from, schools and districts are able to offer more academic options to high-achieving students. It is a win-win that only costs $300—all inclusive, books & fees—per course!

  • $300 per class (not per credit)
  • 3 credits per class
  • 3 class modalities
    • 8-week online courses
    • 16-week classes at the high school
    • 16-week classes at Post’s Waterbury campus
  • No limit to the number of courses an HSA student can take
  • A New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) accredited education

Bonus Savings: 20% Tuition Reduction for Persistent Students
Students who continue their undergraduate studies after high school with Post University full-time—either at the Main Campus or through our virtual learning options—will be eligible to receive a 20% reduction on tuition.*

*The 20% tuition reduction for students who persist cannot be combined with any other institutional scholarship from Post University. The 20% tuition reduction can be combined with scholarships and grants provided by third parties, such as the US Department of Education. Students may be eligible for more generous scholarship opportunities, so be sure to check our Scholarships, Grants, & Other Aid page when the time comes.

For more information complete the form or contact Chad McGuire, Director of High School Academy and Continuing Education Programs at [email protected] or 203.596.4532.

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