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Dear Parents and Families,

With great excitement and anticipation, we extend a warm welcome to all Post students and their families as we prepare to embark on an enriching and transformative journey together. As members of the Campus Life team, our foremost goal is to facilitate an environment where each student can blossom into their best selves – academically, socially, emotionally, psychologically, and professionally.

Our commitment to each student’s success is reflected in the wide array of support services we offer. Whether it is academic advising to chart a successful educational path, engaging with faculty during office hours, accessing tutoring services, participating in career development programs, or seeking health and wellness support, our comprehensive offerings are designed to make it personal.

College is not just about academics – it is also a time to create lasting memories, form meaningful connections, and expand horizons. In line with this, our campus is brimming with an exciting range of programs and activities. Please encourage your student to participate in events that pique their interests, foster friendships, and contribute to their personal growth.

We look forward to a fun and productive year ahead! If you have any questions, please reach out to me.

Warm regards,

Dawn C. Sherman, EdD

Supporting your student – whether a first-year student or a senior – is crucial for their success. Encourage open communication, offer guidance when needed, and promote a healthy school-life balance. Show patience and be their cheerleader, helping them navigate challenges. Your unwavering support will empower them to thrive in college.

Supporting Students When They Are Struggling

 If your student needs support, Post University has a number of resources available to assist with    academic, personal, and social issues and concerns. If you need help or advice, but do not know  who to call, contact the Dean of Students. She or a member of the Campus Life staff will be   happy to help connect you with the right resource. If your student is experiencing an  emergency, please contact Campus Safety at 203.596.4502 (24-hours a day).

  • The Advising Office works with students throughout the school year to ensure that they are meeting their goals both academically and personally. Advising is a great resource for all students and can provide them with the tools necessary to be successful in and out of the classroom.
  • Mental Health and Wellness Services provides students with individual counseling for a range of personal, developmental, and psychological issues, and also assists students in exploring problematic academic concerns like concentration, procrastination, and conflict resolution. 
  • Health Services provides confidential physical health services.

News & Notes:

Judson Epperly, PhD (left above), joins the University after having served as Vice President of Business Development for an organization where he managed the marketing and development of partnership agreements with local and international higher education institutions. Prior to this role, he served as Global Director for an organization managing international student  recruitment. Dr. Epperly has served on the faculty of multiple universities in Argentina and the United States.

Bryan Timeranko (right above) has served in the roles of Director of Admissions and Director of Student Services, responsible for student recruitment and retention. He joins Post with more than 17 years’ experience in higher education. He is passionate about education and the ability of individuals to achieve their personal and career goals. His favorite activity in higher education is graduation and seeing the happiness on the faces of the graduates and their families.