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Post University Blog

As part of the 2023 Main Campus Student Government Awards, we are proud to feature student leaders and organizations from across campus that won the various leadership awards for their contributions to the University community.

Post University President Award                Niko Grollman

Dean of Students Award                              Fitore Kllobocishta

Student Government Association Awards

SGA Student Award of Merit                       Jenna Abeyta

SGA President’s Award                               John Arciszewski

SGA Event of the Year                                 Mr. Eagle

SGA Outstanding Student Organization    AVIS Gaming Club

SGA Senator of the Year                             Madelynn Boop

The SGA and its affiliated clubs also recognized the dedicated staff and associate faculty who take time to help on campus. In recognition of their devotion, the SGA presented awards:

Associate Awards

SGA Award of Merit                                     Melissa Santos, Associate Program Chair – Management

SGA Campus Life Member of the Year      Grace Berry, Community Director

Advisor of the Year                                      Dr. Jeremi Bauer, Assistant Provost for Academic Strategy and Dean of The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business

Campus Life Awards

Resident Assistant of the Year                   Jack Engdahl

Student Leader Rookie of the Year            Janazha Davis

Campus Life Spirit Award                           Nolan Martin

Campus Life Unsung Hero Award              Cedrine Adam

Campus Life Director’s Award                    Harry Warnock

Most Improved Student Leader                  Keiiah Sinclair

Campus Life Impact Award                         Dan Guerrera, Director of Campus Life

Honors Program Recognition

Kayla Agostinelli

Noella Barone

Courtney Brobst

Elizabeth DiTomaso

Hailey McHenry

Nicholas Meier

Taina Pagan

Alexander Pannoni

Catherine Proulx

Yang Qiu

Samantha Riccardulli

Cooper Smith

Emily Tarko

Honors Program Distinction

Jenna Abeyta

Harry Allegra

Erika Kenyon

Honors Program Academic Distinction

Nicholas Chuisano

Cara DiStefano

Samantha Marino

Evan Mazako

Audrey Poehler

Emily Racco

Juliana Rigano

Academic Awards

School of Arts & Sciences

Arts and Sciences Dean Award                    Michael Karas

Biology                                                          Noella Barone

Communication and Media Studies              Alex Pannoni

Data Science                                                 Alvaro Alonso

Computer Information Systems                    Robert Tardif

Equine Studies                                              Brianna Szerbin

John P. Burke School of Public Service and Education

Burke Dean Award                                                                       Christopher Lynch

Child Studies                                                                                Sadie Storm

Criminal Justice                                                                            Cara DiStefano

Emergency Management & Homeland Security                           Audrey Poehler

Human Services                                                                           Autumn Penna

Legal Studies                                                                                Julia D’Occhio

Psychology                                                                                   Emilie Dube

The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business

Baldrige Dean Award                                     Niko Grollman

Accounting                                                     Jenna Abeyta

Business Administration                                 Juliana Rigano

Finance                                                          Courtney Brobst

Human Resource Management                     Paige DosSantos

Management                                                  Kierra Adams

Marketing                                                       Mariusz (Mario) Zalewski

Sport Management                                        Cassidy Elvidge