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This month we are highlighting influential women at Post University in honor of Women’s History Month. Read more at Women of Post.

Caitlyn Masiewicz
Associate Registrar – Data Systems

Why do you think it is important for females to be represented in your respective field or in education?

Education, whether formal or informal, is a huge step that leads to future opportunities. It is important for there to be women within education because there are still so many countries within our world where girls do not get the opportunity to gain an education and better themselves. The opportunity to attain my Master’s while working at Post was so helpful as it allowed me to continue to grow within my role but also as a professional within the field of higher education. The formal lessons within the Master of Education program led to informal conversations within my role that opened my interest to different areas within higher education.

Who was a female role model for you growing up or currently?

I would have to say that my mom, Lane, is my biggest role model. My mom spent her life in education and the relationships she built with her students and their families was what I admire most about her. She cared about each student as an individual and the significant impact she had on them and the school she taught at can still be seen even though she has retired. She always made sure that decisions being made were in the best interest of the students and her school. These are two characteristics of my mom that I try to emulate on a daily basis in my work.

Do you have a favorite memory from your time at Post?

I have been at Post for almost 12 years and been in many different positions including Residence Life, Advising, Admissions and now the Registrar’s Office. My favorite memories of Post happen every May as the students that I have worked with walk across the stage and graduate. Even though I have moved into a different role in the last year and I am not working directly with students, I know that I will still be able to celebrate the success of the students I worked with that are part of the Class of 2020!!!