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This month we are highlighting influential women at Post University in honor of Women’s History Month. Read more at Women of Post.

Remembering Cindy Deschenes

You don’t need a special reason to plant a tree. However, when planting a tree in memory of a special co-worker, it becomes an inspirational way to celebrating her life.  

 In the fall of 2014, Post University colleagues gathered at the Country Club Road campus to plant a pine tree in memory of Cindy Deschenes, who died from cancer a few months earlier.  At the time of her passing, she was the University’s facility manager and was responsible for maintenance of the 50-acre campus, which includes its many buildings.  

“Cindy had a strong passion for Post and all that the University offers students. She was engaging, caring and all about helping others,” said University Chief Financial Officer Scott Allen who worked closely with Deschene on many capital projects.  She was the inspiration for the tree.  

University associates chipped in money to purchase the tree, which was planted near the visitor parking lot.  At the base of the tree, there is a plaque dedicated to Cindy. To celebrate the Christmas season, the facilities team festoons that tree in bright twinkling lights, which brings smiles to many people as they walk across campus in the early December evenings.

As one Post alumnashared, “Cindy was my mentor and campus mom when I was a student at Post.  As a freshman, I was quiet, shy and kept to myself.  Cindy gave me my first job at the University. Her message to me went something like ‘You are not spending the next four years here just going to class. Find something to do.’  She encouraged me to join clubs, eventually becoming a stage manager when the University produced plays on campus. She was even my reference when I applied for a position as a resident assistant.  Cindy truly defined what it meant to make it personal.  She supported and guided so many students in the right direction.”    

One of Deschenes’ most significant accomplishments to the University was overseeing the construction of the LaMoy Athletic Field in 2010.  Cindy and her team worked with contractors to turn an open area near the North parking lot, formally a grass field, into a home field for the University women’s and men’s Division II soccer, lacrosse and sprint football teams, as well as women’s softball team.  

This field, which Cindy has helped create, has hosted several CACC men’s and women’s soccer championships.

“Cindy was vibrant and full of life and that’s what this tree represents to us. We did this so a piece of her would forever be on campus,” said Allen.