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Commencement FAQs for the Classes of 2020 and 2021

Why has commencement 2020 been postponed?

Considering March 2020 announcements by the CDC and state officials regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and the State mandate to restrict gatherings, we thought it best to take additional steps to safeguard you and our community and cancel commencement. Remember, our decisions and action plans are based upon your health, well-being and safety as the guiding tenets.

Is there a date for a new commencement event?

It remains the University’s goal to produce that one-of-a-kind event for the Class of 2020. A recent survey of 2020 graduates showed clear interest in support of that plan, with 79% of respondents expressing a desire to come to Waterbury if and when we may proceed. We await increased progress in reducing COVID-19 exposure risk, and will share news regarding plans for a rescheduled event here and via email. In addition to  an in-person event, we are exploring other options including a possible virtual ceremony for those who might like to participate online. 

Will there be an in-person commencement event for the Class of 2021?

Post University remains committed to producing an in-person event for the Class of 2021, although plans may not move forward at this time due to the uncertainty of projected virus statistics and current regulations regarding in-person gatherings in the state of Connecticut. We are still listing commencement date for the Class of 2021 as May 8. 2021, but are recommending eligible participants not make travel arrangements at this time. In addition to an in-person event, we are exploring other options including a virtual ceremony for those who might like to participate online. 

If there might not be an in-person ceremony on the scheduled date do I still need to apply for graduation through the student portal?

While commencement, the ceremony celebrating the completion of a degree program, is in question, you still need to apply to graduate, recording the completion of all degree requirements as recorded on your official transcript.

Should I purchase commencement regalia now?

Purchasing commencement regalia is a personal choice. While some only purchase regalia when they know they are participating in a ceremony, others choose to have the regalia for personal photos at home and to keep as a reminder of their academic achievements. 

How will I get my diploma?

After the posting of degrees has been completed, diplomas for graduates will be mailed to those students who have fulfilled all of their course requirements. Diplomas will be mailed to the same address that you included on your graduation application. Your diploma will not be released if you have any type of outstanding obligation with the University (i.e., library fees/overdue books, account balances, etc…).​

Are Post diploma frames and rings still available for purchase?

Yes. Class rings and diploma frames are available for purchase through the Herff Jones Company.  Visit and select Post University to view ring options and visit and select Post University to view frame options or custom design your own frame.

Will the University reimburse my already purchased travel costs?

​Please check with your travel provider regarding their refund and credit policies, as many are making adjustments to accommodate travelers needs during this pandemic.

Does this mean I don’t graduate?

No. Graduation is the completion of all degree requirements as recorded on the official transcript, and not having a formal celebration in May does not change the fact that you completed your program of study.

Still have questions? If you need additional information, or if we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact the Registrar’s Office at 203.591.7123, or send an email to