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This month we are highlighting influential women at Post University in honor of Women’s History Month. Read more at Women of Post.

Linda Kobylarz
Director, Honors Program

Why do you think it is important for females to be represented in your respective field or in education?

It is important for women to not only be represented in every field, but to have the opportunity to excel and hold leadership positions. I have worked in several male dominated fields and know how difficult it was to envision myself as ever becoming the “boss.” So, for me it is especially important to work in an environment where there are many women in leadership positions and who have a strong voice in the organization’s decision-making and strategic planning processes. What better place than in education for that to be so?

Who was a female role model for you growing up or currently?

All through high school and beyond, my guidance counselor was a strong female role model for me. She was director of the counseling department and was a respected leader in our school. I admired how professionally she was dressed every day and how organized and competent she was. She took a special interest in me and encouraged my passion for science. Back then, I was doing my own research projects and winning science fairs. Not something many of my girlfriends cared about. She truly helped me to believe in myself and to follow my dreams, even if they led me on nontraditional career paths.

Do you have a favorite memory from your time at Post?

I have been associated with Post for about 18-years and have had many wonderful experiences here. One of my favorite memories is of the very first Honors Program Reception held at the Waterbury Country Club in 2012. To see the first group of Honors Program students celebrating their success with peers, faculty, and administrators was amazing and reminded me how privileged I was to be a part of their college journey. The Honors reception is still one of my favorite events each year.