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Internship Spotlight

School of Arts and Sciences

Paige Dundas | 2021 | Biology | Main Campus
“During my internship, I fully explored what a career working in a retail pharmacy would be like. Along with learning the pharmacist’s regular duties, I witnessed the chaos and difficulties brought on by the pandemic. I was able to develop an understanding of the process from start to finish when filling a prescription. When I began my internship, I did not realize the amount of work that went into filling a single prescription.”


Carla Paz | 2021 | Computer Information Systems | ADP
“I have gained valuable knowledge and practice from this experience. Prior to this internship, I had no experience programming, nor did I have much knowledge about the tools and frameworks used, but now, I can program basic things and have learned to utilize various tools and frameworks that facilitate the developing work.”


The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business

Justin Noguiera| 2021 | Marketing | Main Campus
“This experience has enhanced my understanding of social media and the analytics that go into creating a strong campaign. Additionally, my photo and video editing skills have greatly improved, which helps bring a unique advantage to each post. New challenges arised everyday and due dates were always inching closer. However, through good organization and team work, no project was impossible.”

Nickeisha Burke | 2022 | Accounting | ADP
“This position has helped me gain experience in the field of my study and gave me a hands-on look at what it means to work in accounting. It has also provided me with a better understanding of what to expect when I have completed college and start working as a CPA.”


John P. Burke School of Public Service and Education

Avery Kelly | 2021 | Human Services | Main Campus
“Before starting this internship, I knew that I wanted to work in the Human Services field, but wasn’t sure what population I wanted to work with. However, throughout this internship, I found my passion for helping individuals with substance abuse problems. This internship helped me discover my dream career. I was inspired to become a substance abuse counselor and help recovering addicts achieve and maintain sobriety.”

Nakia Boyd | 2021 | Human Services | ADP
“I’ve gained valuable partnerships in the community and it has pushed me to do more networking for the families I serve.”

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