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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree program trains nurses for jobs in both advanced clinical practice and leadership in healthcare organizations. A DNP-prepared nurse may offer direct patient care, clinical training for nurses and NP students, serve on a hospital board, hold a nursing administrative post, work on developing health policy or teach at the college level.

American Sentinel College of Nursing & Health Science at Post University offers an online DNP program that is practice-focused and prepares you with everything you need to be successful in these advanced careers. This includes providing multiple DNP specialties for:

Educational Leadership

A practice-based, DNP in nursing education specialization that trains teachers, program directors, and deans to manage nursing education programs and advance their nursing education leadership careers and opportunities. Post DNP, you can move on to become a healthcare leader and educator.

Executive Leadership

The Executive Leadership program is for executives and managers who presently hold or want to occupy executive leadership positions in healthcare companies.

Professional Leadership

The Professional Leadership program provides a fundamental foundation of abilities in leadership, business intelligence, finance, health policy, and health services research. Then, rather than following a predetermined curriculum route, this professional leadership nursing program allows you to tailor your education to your career objectives.

Informatics Leadership

Use the knowledge you receive in this online nursing informatics curriculum to maximize health IT use, improve healthcare system technology, and better understand their impact on patients.

The online DNP nursing informatics specializations stresses critical thinking, management, and leadership abilities, and is programmatically accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

This unique specialization option is one reason that the DNP program at Post’s American Sentinel College is a great choice.

Many Other Programs Require Clinical Hours Vs. Practicum Hours

The DNP program at American Sentinel College is designed with nursing professionals in mind. This includes providing more flexibility when it comes to practicum hours.

Clinical hours require rotations through various areas with a clinical instructor. Practicum refers to working one on one with a preceptor (mentor) in a single area. Practicum is ideal for the DNP student who is already a healthcare professional.

American Sentinel College’s DNP program allows students to complete practicum hours at their place of employment. If they don’t have a preceptor in mind, they can choose from a list of available ones provided by the program administrators.

Solid Educational Courses

Not all DNP programs provide a path to Educational Leadership. At American Sentinel College, not only do we offer Educational Leadership as an option, but we also provide five specialization courses and two electives, along with seven core courses. This is an attractive option to our students that enroll in DNP Educational Leadership.

Capstone Project Assistance

For DNP students, the Capstone Project is a chance to prove themselves. It provides valuable hands-on experience that allows them to become well-rounded in their fields.

The DNP Project is one of the most challenging parts of most graduate courses including the Doctor of Nursing Practice. It requires subject matter approval, and American Sentinel students start working on it during their very first course.

At American Sentinel College, we believe that our students deserve proper support from instructors when it comes to choosing and completing their DNP Projects. We work with our students to ensure they have the support necessary to find a subject, get it approved and move forward with it.

The Capstone Project begins in their second course, and we provide a mandatory one-hour Q&A meeting. We also allow our potential students to meet with the Interim Dean of Nursing, Dr. Whitham, to discuss their project. This allows them to know what obstacles might exist before they enroll.

Support in Your Course Work

The support offered at Post University’s American Sentinel College goes beyond just the DNP Project. We offer support and encouragement throughout your study.

Lack of communication with students is a common problem in adult education. At American Sentinel College, we have found success with our DNP students. We offer them full access to an advisor. If one is busy, there is another on board to reach out to the student.

In American Sentinel College’s DNP program, we also break up the course work so students are not overwhelmed. Our students do not have to complete a paper every week, and our DNP program is just 28 months of online study. There is no residency required and we offer start dates every other even numbered month.

If you are interested in moving up in your professional nursing career, consider what The American Sentinel College of Nursing & Health Science at Post University can offer.

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